Gaming Experiences

  • Pulsing Weekend

    Sean Kilby – Published 2023/05/29 Channeling vacation vibes. Take me away.

  • Chicory: A Canvas for Inspiration

    Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a perfect title for a game that fills all the gaps of an inspirational journey of a custodian turned artist. I purchased the game on my PS5 based on recommendations from friends. I’ve enjoyed it much more than I had anticipated. Chicory has charm of Undertale as an indie game.…

  • Elon and Aqueducts

    Let’s build back better.

  • Unpacking the Game and How it Helped Me Adult

    The sound of a boot chime rings from the console sitting on a box in the new to me living room apartment. A widescreen display sits on a structurally flimsy plastic 3-drawer stand and the PlayStation logo emanates on the screen. I recalled playing Unpacking on my Xbox and how it helped me prepare for…

  • The Summer is Diablo

    My teenage years were spent at the pool, at my friends houses, and wired into my computer. These were some of the best years of my life, but also the most challenging. Give me a good dungeon crawl and a Mountain Dew, and I was good to go. My step-father was my Diablo. Bo Wray…

  • Rustic Spa Day

    Produced on 20220412.