The King of the Oyster Mushrooms

Monday brought in some new produce, and we found the King of the Oyster Mushrooms. These long, thick stemmed fungi deserve recognition. I really love mushrooms. They all have unique shapes, and a variety of uses beyond pizza. The plan was to make tacos out of them, but I came across what I really wanted. Something with a resemblance of pulled meats, without having to hunt down an animal and apologize for even referencing pulled pork.

The bad part is this will end up being a leftover’s meal for Laura, and she wouldn’t get it fresh. I have a plan for it, though. I think I’ll start by slicing and marinating these beauties.

1-2 day passed in response to Laura’s computer crisis 2018, and I was able to pull the oyster mushroom with success. Thank you, pulled oyster mushroom, for your dedication to my insta. Love you all.

The oyster mushrooms were tossed in some ground salt, pepper, and simmered in chicken-less chicken bouillon. Success after cooking for maybe 10 minutes. The flavor is on point and my first quest to find the king of Oyster Mushrooms is completed. He’s got a scary mouth.

The journey isn’t over because plan is now to freeze marinade them and wait. I’m gonna grab my Nintendo Switch and throw around some moblins. Happy Thursday.

Update:. I finished the spaghetti dish I had made a month ago and it was delicious. Beep boop.

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Published by The Hylian Vegan

I'm Sean Kilby and I'm from North Carolina I grew up with a great passion for music, arts, books, swimming, biking, soccer, Magic the Gathering, travel, electronic arts, and theme parks (Not Sea Parks). 5 ish years ago I started the process of moving away from animal based foods, now I'm completely vegan for about 2-3 years. I've studied nutrition by reading books, websites, and articles such as Thrive and Bigger, Leaner, Stronger (not a vegan guide). I took the approach of a plant based vegan diet so I didn't have to sustain myself by using an animal product for sustenance. I also do a lot of thought exercises and self reflection, meditation, and mindfulness to navigate through the experiences of life. I place these thoughts on this blog to have a good conversation with myself and others. The biggest and most difficult conversation that is taking place is that the global temperatures are dramatically increasing, putting our global ecosystem in danger due to methane gas from animal agriculture. The hardest part was I had lost the vision to improve the future. My work is ever changing, but setting clear goals have brought me to where I am today. Taking up the e-quill to tell a story.

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