The Hero and the Battle with ID.

Everyday we wake up to a new day, and the problems we face are all around us. The one we can try and manage is the internal struggle with ourselves. Growing up being bullied, I acquired a new ability, the power of destruction through a misunderstanding with myself.

There was nothing inherently wrong with myself, it was just a long journey of pulling apart the pieces of childhood and reassembling them until the picture was clear. Bullying is an abuse of power, when empathy, logic, negotiation, and understanding were the solutions all along. Nothing came good of retaliation, but just the deepest scars, even the ones I had brought to my own body. Pure hatred and misunderstanding instead of empathy. “Bullying” is an emotional intelligence that is inherently evil and is a huge problem in society today.

Holding a theoretical meat eaters club is basically a dinner club, but it excludes vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians. Holding a vegan dinner club and not including carnivores makes you an asshole and is self empowering. It’s basically bullying on both sides instead of coming together and forming an agreement. IDs clashing. If a vegan truly loves animals, they would understand that we’re all connected in some way. Don’t be the asshole.

Update: eating animals is not cool.





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