A Difference of Opinions

I recall when I moved to Minnesota, and the first time I experienced racism. Boarding the green line a man was getting off and said, “you’re on the wrong side”. Jokingly unaware, I said, “I didn’t know there were sides”.  Then this man started to assault me and tried to take my cellphone as I contacted Public Safety.  I wished no ill will towards this man who I put up a defensive stance toward, but I learned that I had experienced racism for the first time in my new home. As I profiled the assaulter, I knew that someone was on our side.  You never interfere with a Public Safety call.

This happened the day before I started my career in Minnesota, and Target still wanted me to come to work after this assault. You have to wear heavy armor to tackle racism, and there’s no cure for it. There’s only understanding and dissecting millennia of oppression, insurrection, violence, and straight up cruelty.  People have potential but it requires investment, and may that investment never be taken from the bloody hand of a victim. There is a cure for racism, and it’s a matter of finding the frequency from which this racism lies.









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  1. Toni Avatar

    Well said!


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