Compiling a Vegan Quiche

A few days ago I used JL Fields’ Vegan Baking for Beginners to make a pie crust base for some sort of pie. I didn’t consider that the basic pie crust was for more of a savory base, so I felt that my options were limited on what I could make based on the ingredients I had available. The recipe calls for the dough to chill for 30 minutes, up to 2 days. I used that window to brainstorm on what kind of pie I could make.

Basic pie crust base

I decided to make a quiche which is a French tart consiting of a pastry crust. I placed my frozen Just Egg in water for 15 minute intervals. Once the water became chilled, I replaced the water until the product was thawed. I rolled out my dough into a 10″ disc, I set my pie crust, failed to fluke the edges so the dough did not reach the brim of the pie plate. I had a little overflow of Just Egg liquid in my pie plate after par baking the crust. It actually added a cooked crispy, flakey texture around the edges which is something I really enjoy. A nice surprise.

I added some Good Planet parmesan and a little bit of salt to the top for flavor. It turned out better than expected, but blind baking the pie crust may have been the better option. After a bit of googling on what a pie plate is, what “pricking” is, and totally overlooking the step that says to flute the edges I had mixed results. The pie crust ended up flakey and a bit puffier than I would have liked, but the flavor and texture were perfect. Check out JL Field’s Vegan Baking for Beginners for an awesome boost to your baking skills.

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