Pancakes Make it Better

Chloe and the Red Squirrel

Yesterday was a sad day. I was diligently plugging away at work when one of the neighbor cats took the liberty of snatching up our favorite squirrel friend. The little red squirrel. It broke our hearts to see a friend be snatched up by a domesticated fur ball. A memory plays in my mind, the last time I saw our little friend.

The bastards

I felt powerless that there was nothing I could have done to prevent this. My partner was crushed, so I made my way to the kitchen to prep some comfort food. This event took me to the cookbook NYC Vegan’s recipe for Diner-Style Pancakes, which were delightful and not too difficult to make.

Liquid at rest

With a few lumps in my batter, and a hole in my heart 🐿, I preheated the skillet to 350 and grabbed my 1/4 measuring cup. Once preheated, I poured the batter and sprinkled mini chocolate chips over the top. The pancakes turned out perfect. It was exactly what we needed to get through the tragedy of losing a squirrel friend.

BiteSizedBeet’s blog
📸 by BiteSizedBeet

Comfort food is necessary during these difficult times. We’ll miss you little squirrel friend. These flapjacks are for you. ❤️

Link to VeganMos Store
Gus and the NYC Vegan cookbook







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