Tofu Scrambling Away from Labor

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy combining spices to create delicious, memorable flavors. I used a recipe from lovingitvegan which is a “super eggy vegan tofu scramble.” The eggy flavor comes from black salt or kala namak, used in South Asia known for its sulfurous pungent smell, along with some other spices.

I chopped up a questionable onion and a fresh pepper then added them to a pan with garlic infused oil and minced garlic. After sautéing for a bit, I added some cracks of fresh pepper and sea salt. Then I cut up Feed Your Head Seitan Chorizo to add a spongey texture and added it to the pan to cook separately. I covered the pan for a bit to quickly cook the seitan, stirring occasionally.

I mixed the tofu scramble separately using a dough blender. Then, once I felt the seitan was cooked, I added the tofu scramble to the pan. The final product was some dope breakfast burritos with plenty of leftovers. -Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. I hope you get to have some fun. Wear a mask and wash your hands 💙







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