The King of the Oyster Mushrooms

Monday brought in some new produce, and we found the King of the Oyster Mushrooms. These long, thick stemmed fungi deserve recognition. I really love mushrooms. They all have unique shapes, and a variety of uses beyond pizza. The plan was to make tacos out of them, but I came across what I really wanted.Continue reading “The King of the Oyster Mushrooms”

Sonic the Plant Based Hedgehog

Why isn’t Sonic the Hedgehog vegan?  It doesn’t really make any sense.  You spend years and years battling Dr. Eggman trying to prevent the robotizing of animals and the planet, or protect animal life.  What does Sonic do?  He eats animals.  He boasts his Chili Dog like it’s nobody’s business.  There’s so much cognitive dissonanceContinue reading “Sonic the Plant Based Hedgehog”