Spring Cycling Kick-Off

We’ve been waiting for spring for what feels like forever. One of the events I’m participating in for a spring kick-off is 30 Days of Biking and it starts today! Day 1 of 30 Days of Biking is April 1st, and there’s a hosted kick-off event in Minneapolis. We’ll gear up for a quick 4-5Continue reading “Spring Cycling Kick-Off”

Molding Goals for 2021 Starting Today

One of my greatest life challenges, as it may be for many others, is to find a balance beteen work and personal life. As we spend many days and hours in the grind, one of my goals is to find as happy medium between work and life. I strongly believe in a less busy lifestyleContinue reading “Molding Goals for 2021 Starting Today”

List of Video Games I Beat in 2020

2020 has been a long year, and it’s not over. The PS5 is in circulation, and I have a PS5 controller in hand with no PS5 console in sight. Nevertheless, 2020 is the year of social distancing, social justice, and button mashing. Here’s an ongoing list of the games I’ve watched the credits roll onContinue reading “List of Video Games I Beat in 2020”