Control: Ultimate Edition – Xbox Series X

Control Ultimate Edition Hotline

Control was one of my favorite and memorable experiences on the PlayStation 4. When I found out that there was going to be a polished version on the PS5 and Xbox Series X I quickly purchased another copy on the Xbox Series X. I doubt I’ll get a PS 5 until 2022 so the Xbox is home for now.

Control Plant Complaint

The PlayStation 4 version was clunky yet beautiful. There was lag when pulling up menus and the map. There were moments that the console couldn’t handle all of the particles on the screen so it would stutter. There were occasional issues with rendering as well. There weren’t enough bugs to keep me from finishing as the story drew me in deeper and deeper. Or maybe it was the Hiss.

The Ultimate Edition that released on February 2nd is was what I felt the game was intended to be from launch. A smooth experience that shows off Remedy Games talent and a budget well spent. Every problem I noticed when playing it in the past was no longer a thing. So far my game has only crashed once, and getting back on my feet just felt like a part of the experience of the game.

Control Dr. Underhill Threshold Specialist

Control: Ultimate Edition has finally reached the consoles it was intended to be played on without the need of a gaming PC. It’s incredible and truly utilizes the team’s talent that assembled this project. It can be difficult but as you play you’ll become more in sync with the abilities you gain to bring the Oldest House back under control. If you haven’t played Control yet I highly recommend it.

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I'm Sean Kilby and I'm from North Carolina I grew up with a great passion for music, arts, books, swimming, biking, soccer, Magic the Gathering, travel, electronic arts, and theme parks (Not Sea Parks). 5 ish years ago I started the process of moving away from animal based foods, now I'm completely vegan for about 2-3 years. I've studied nutrition by reading books, websites, and articles such as Thrive and Bigger, Leaner, Stronger (not a vegan guide). I took the approach of a plant based vegan diet so I didn't have to sustain myself by using an animal product for sustenance. I also do a lot of thought exercises and self reflection, meditation, and mindfulness to navigate through the experiences of life. I place these thoughts on this blog to have a good conversation with myself and others. The biggest and most difficult conversation that is taking place is that the global temperatures are dramatically increasing, putting our global ecosystem in danger due to methane gas from animal agriculture. The hardest part was I had lost the vision to improve the future. My work is ever changing, but setting clear goals have brought me to where I am today. Taking up the e-quill to tell a story.

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