How not to make Nutty Maple Truffles

Melting Chocolate

I’ve always had a skill set in making confections, but it’s a skill I have definitely not honed. One key thing in baking is to follow your recipe list and use the right ingredients. JL Fields introduced a great cookbook in 2020, vegan baking for beginners, that has 75 sweet and savory recipes to get those creative gears spinning. This brings me to my worst confection ever. Nutty Maple Truffles. Now if one would properly follow the ingredients list it calls for semisweet chocolate. Myself being one to overlook instructions used unsweetened baking chocolate.

After melting the chocolate and allowing it to cool for an hour, it seemed to need more time to chill. That’s when I realized my error. I combined and melted the peanut butter and maple syrup, the ingredients would not bind. It was a gooey mess! I tried to save the chocolate by adding sugar. Truly disappointed I composted the whole project.

Baking is a delicate skill and being precise in measurements, ingredients, and mixes is key. I mark this one as a failed confection. Until next thyme.

You can find JL Field’s Vegan Baking for Beginners by using the link below. It’s a great lesson in mathematical measurements and baking.







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