Restful Respite

After some thought I’ve decided to close out my blog for a while. I need to switch gears for a while and focus on other things. If something changes I’ll definitely drop a phoenix down on this blog and post some of my 16 drafts that I haven’t finished.

I’ll continue to use my spare time to enjoy cycling, game development, cooking, and video games. I’ve wrapped up a few projects in game dev and I’ve started drafting ideas for games I’d like to create. There’s a lot of moving parts to be considered so I alone can’t accomplish this task.

Combating climate change is an even larger task I can’t combat alone. You can do your part by studying the effects of climate change and taking steps in advocating for a reduced carbon footprint. Changing purchasing habits, plant based diet, and commuting without a vehicle are some examples of what can help.

NASA: Vital Signs of the Planet



I appreciate those who have read my entries and the bots that repost content as seen fit. Thank you.








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